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Specialty Personal Injury Pharmacy


Valuecare specializes in pain management medications which often require education about proper administration, safety and appropriate use to ensure effective treatment. Our pharmacy staff is here to help patients and their providers gain access to challenging medications while ensuring every step is taken to provide the support patients need.

Benefits & Reimbursements


Comprehensive benefits investigation and reimbursement support process that identifies patient out-of-pocket amounts, facilitates prior authorizations between provider and payor and coordinates benefits between secondary and tertiary insurance.

We are licensed in 4 states (NY, NJ, FL, and PA) and service the needs of patients and physicians.

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Financial Assistance


Valuecare helps patients take advantage of many different drug assistance programs through various foundations and manufacturer assistance programs. We work hard to help patients get the lowest out of pocket expense with the minimal amount of red tape. We can help get patients brand medications often for a fraction of the cost as traditional chain pharmacies.

Free Medication Home Delivery


Medication dispensing and delivery is scheduled with the patient to ensure receipt of the drug, overnight if necessary. Medication is shipped in discrete, unidentifiable packaging ensuring patient privacy and protection.

Refill Reminders


We will notify you 7 (seven) days before your medication runs out. If you have refills, we will refill it for you and make sure you get it before your current supply runs out. If you have zero refills, we will let you know that you have to call your provider or make an appointment.



Pain and the medications used to treat it have a direct effect on one’s daily life. Often the counseling that is needed beyond the first prescription is not available when the patient needs or wants it. Valucare is available to patients anytime in the course of their therapy to offer assistance, education or answers. Valucare Patient Care Support are available by phone (800) 360-0279