How to obtain prescriptions for New York Fire Department injured firefighters?

All medical care for your injury or illness is paid for by your political subdivision’s insurer. This care is covered whether or not you lose time from work. It is also paid in addition to any benefits for missed wages.

Health care providers must be authorized by the Board. If you can find a workers compensation doctor call us we have a network of doctors that can help you call us at 800-360-0279. You may receive care from any of these providers or from your own doctor if he or she is authorized.

The provider will send the bills directly to the insurer and the Board. You are not to pay any bills unless the Board disallows your claim. If specific medical services are disputed, the insurer must pay any undisputed portion. It must also explain in writing why the services were not paid, and request any information needed to pay them.

Pharmacy Charges

You should use the pharmacy that specializes in workers’ compensation insurance. Valuecare Pharmacy is a specialty workers compensation pharmacy.

  • No out-of-pocket charges to get your prescription filled.
    We bill the insurance company directly, eliminating the financial burden and inconvenience to you. You never have to wait for a reimbursement check.
  • No complicated insurance claim forms to complete.
    All you have to do is call your caseworker. We do the rest.
  • No trips to the drug store.
    Valucare promptly delivers your prescriptions at no charge right to your door. No more waiting in line at the drug store.
  • Complete confidentiality.
    Your privacy is our priority. Our caseworkers and pharmacy personnel are trained to handle matters with confidentiality and secure your privacy. We are compliant with all HIPAA laws.

Valuecare pharmacy will bill the insurer directly.  At Valuecare pharmacy you are not responsible for a co-payment (co-pay).  For more information on our worker’s compensation prescription services please click How to Obtain Prescriptions Under New York Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If a workers’ compensation insurance carrier or local political subdivision uses an independent pharmacy, pharmacy network or PBM, the pharmacy should be within a reasonable distance from your home or employment or offer mail order service. The workers’ compensation insurance carrier or local political subdivision must notify you, in writing, which local pharmacies you can use along with their locations and addresses. It must also tell you how to fill and refill prescriptions through the mail, internet, telephone or other means.

When there is a medical emergency and it is not reasonably possible to obtain the medicine you need immediately from the pharmacies in the chosen network, you can purchase the drugs elsewhere.

Network pharmacies are paid directly. You are not responsible for any charges.

Opioid Pain Medications

If you are prescribed opioid pain medications such as OxyContin, Percocet and Vicodin, among others, you should know that these medications have serious side effects, can reduce your ability to function and are highly addictive.

Continued use of opioid pain medication causes changes in the brain and results in the need for higher dosages to obtain the same level of pain relief (called tolerance). Additionally, continued use of opioids can cause increased sensitivity to pain, and may even make the pain worse.

To find more about opioid addiction please see this Opioid Epidemic is a National Health Emergency Declares US Government

Some common side effects of opioid use include: drowsiness, severe sedation, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, confusion and memory loss. Severe side effects can include difficulty breathing, overdose and death. Uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms may occur when opioids are reduced or stopped suddenly (called dependence). Normal day-to-day functioning may become difficult. Cravings for opioids may be uncontrollable, which can lead to the use of other drugs and behaviors harmful to oneself or others (called addiction). If there are concerns that opioids are harming you or your loved one, don’t hesitate to get help.

You can completely avoid side effects and addiction by using Safe Topical Compounded Pain Creams