Injured patients with medical needs under workers comp or no-fault insurance are why Valuecare Pharmacy was founded – to provide a superior level of service and access to medications that minimize any burden so attention can be given to the health of the patient.

Valuecare Pharmacy offers the highest level of service, working directly with your healthcare provider(s) to coordinate all your medication needs. We specialize in workers compensation and auto injury compounding with a focus on pain management t and can work with different physicians to help you get all of your medications as quickly as possible.

An injured patient that has an open claim with insurance carrier, and has been approved for prescription medication, is eligible for our service. We will coordinate with the insurance carrier to verify what prescriptions have been approved, and ship them right to injured patient’s door, with no out-of-pocket costs to them. In some situations where a claim is disputed, or if a claim goes into Utilization Review, Patients Valuecare pharmacy may work on behalf of the injured patient to continue filling the prescription.

Injured Patient Information