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Claiming Injury after a Car Accident

When it comes to filing a car accident claim, taking swift decisions and getting started right away can make a huge difference. Making a claim months after an accident will at best a futile attempt. And this is a no-brainer, really. It increasingly becomes difficult for an attorney or insurance company to agree with your claim, thus predicting financial and legal losses. Regardless of the magnitude of sustained injury, getting a full evaluation and assessment of your body will always be crucial. Subtle injuries with little to no focal point of determination are not uncommon in car accident injuries, so leaving them to linger for extended periods only make things worse for your health. As with many other scenarios, seeking medical help and not resorting to personal care when accident injuries occur not only makes for a speedy recovery but also drive a successful outcome when filing a claim for your injuries.

What timeframe is best?

Putting legal and financial considerations to perspective, seeing a doctor immediately after an auto crash is the golden rule. If for some reasons, a quick evaluation is not possible, 72hrs should not be exceeded before getting medical help. An insurance company will definitely look up your history and check for the credibility of your claim before bearing the financial obligations of your treatment. Your case can only be better presented when all details are clearly stated and verifiable. And if they find an inkling reason to question the veracity of your injury claims, you may have your claim demand rebuffed.

Insurance companies may also employ software to determine the extent of the injury and appropriate claim amount, the result of which may depend on early submission of your claim. The date of occurrence, where it occurred and how much treatment you got, when you first sought medical help among other factors will determine the success of your injury claim. And you sure won’t fancy losing out on your benefits for inadequacies in seeing a doctor long after your injury.

In some cases and for unavoidable reasons, seeing a doctor late may not be all detrimental when filing an injury claim. Consequent on your doctor providing a convincing proof as to the cause of the delay, you may have a smooth sail with your insurance firm. For example, you may be prescribed analgesics and other similar drugs by a doctor with a follow-up assessment after completing a 2-week prescription. If serious injuries were not sustained, it’s highly likely to have your injury pains masked by the prescriptions, only to re-emerge after completing your drugs. So you probably have spent 3 weeks after the accident and still feel recurrent pains. While this is definitely not the best approach to filing a claim, your doctor will definitely have to state the cause of the time lag which will bolster your chances with your insurance firm.

What is filing an injury claim?

Claiming injury has to be made before filing an injury claim. You claim injury if you were hurt after an auto crash, in which case you’ll want to immediately contact your insurance firm of this development. However, you’ll need to have back up facts supporting your claim. These will usually be a note stating your visit to a doctor for medical evaluation. If no doctor confirmation of any sort is provided, injury claims to your firm are usually not accepted.

Filing an injury claim subsequently becomes necessary if you received medical treatment following your injury and have medical bills accompanying same. Considering the treatment dimensions that may have emerged, reaching out to your insurance firm with proof of treatment will be essential in filing an injury claim. Medical bills may be due to X-Rays, Surgeries, MRI Scans, Ambulance bills and other Hospital bills associated with your injury.

In some cases with a full compensation plan, you could get a reimbursement if you were out of work for a long while. Future bills and other assistance to help you cope with the injury will also be provided if you have full insurance coverage. You may additionally be paid for sufferings and pains occasioned by the accident.

These pains may include, being afraid to use a car afterward, inability to execute routine tasks, spend time with colleagues and exercise regularly among others. Since compensation plans differ in states and a host of things might not be covered in your insurance coverage, seeing your firm well ahead to forestall possible problems when accidents occur down the line is crucially important.

States and injury claim limitations

As informed earlier, getting immediate treatment and filing an injury claim is your best asset if you have sustained injuries in a car crash. But how soon is soon and what limitations are there in your state? Injury claims and the time frame to make same hugely depend on the type of insurance coverage you hold, the state you are domiciled among others. While some cases have a 1-year threshold within which a successful injury claim can be made, shorter and longer timeframes exist in other states. Getting acquainted with your state demands and regulations will no doubt be a great idea. Insurance companies may also not be expressly willing to pay your full demands. So getting your needed documents and facts together in time after an auto crash is surely the best way to when filing an injury claim.

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