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back pain remedies

12 back pain remedies without drugs or surgery or complementary and alternative treatments for back pain, such as acupuncture, yoga, massage, and biofeedback.  People sometimes seek treatments outside of mainstream medicine for back pain relief. Here’s a list of back pain remedies that you need to know:

Neuroskeletal therapy

Neuroskeletal therapy, one of the new back pain remedies, is growing in popularity for the treatment of back pain plus a wide variety of related disorders such as arthritis, headaches and migraines, scoliosis, rheumatism, fibrositis, prolapsed discs and herniation. Therapists claim a success rate of up to 90 per cent in reducing pain and improving mobility in cases of multiple sclerosis and muscle dystrophy, as well as in problems caused by sporting injuries and whiplash.

Neuroskeletal therapy realigns the body without manipulation. The light pressure on specific parts on the body stimulates the nervous system, causing the body to readjust and move into its alignment.

Massage Therapists work to relieve back pain

If you have lower back pain and no treatment seems to improve your pain you could contact a local licensed massage therapist to try a back pain massage. You will likely be surprised at how much more relaxed you feel after a back pain massage, not to mention the reduction in the pain you feel.

Massage therapy has been practiced for thousands of years and there are massage therapy techniques from around the world that really help relieve lower back pain. A back pain remedy such as massage is a way to relax the contracted lower back muscles that are frequently the culprit of lower back pain. After the back pain massage you will no longer feel the same amount of back pain. However, as awesome as massage therapy combined with a back pain massage is, the process must be repeated on a regular basis because the muscles will constrict yet again catalyzing more lower back pain.

Because of this, if you suffer from lower back pain and are using massage therapy to help you relieve the pain you should make sure you have an appointment on a weekly basis. That way, your massage therapy experience will really be beneficial. If you utilize massage therapy once in a blue moon it will still help relieve your lower back pain, but a regular plan will really help you deal with and ultimately eliminate back pain.

The Bowen Technique a novel back pain remedy

A Bowen treatment is a novel back pain remedy consists of a series of gentle moves on skin (or through light clothing), with the client usually lying on a bed or comfortable treatment couch. A treatment session usually lasts from half an hour to an hour and frequently results in a deep sense of overall relaxation, allowing the body to recharge and balance itself. The Bowen Technique allows the body to reset and heal itself.

Recent studies have shown the beneficial effects of deep levels of relaxation on our immune and hormonal systems. However, the Bowen Technique can also be extremely effective for musculo-skeletal problems such as back pain, sports injuries and many other ailments and discomforts.

There are many theories as to how the Bowen Technique works, but none that completely explain its holistic effect and often outstanding results. The body is a highly complex unit dependent upon the balance of all its aspects. Whilst the orthodox medical profession still tend to take a symptomatic view of disease, Bowen is truly holistic in its approach. One Bowen move may address the entire system producing maximum results with minimal intervention. Unlike some other hands-on disciplines, the Bowen Technique does not impose a particular approach on the client. Instead, it encourages a gentle response which empowers the body’s own resources to heal itself. Bowen moves are, in themselves, a study in delicacy, being light, gentle and very precise. Frequent pauses between moves give the body time to respond and benefit.

Reflexology can help reduce lower back pain

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese massage that focuses on the body’s pressure points, especially in the feet and hands, to restore the body’s flow of energy. Many individuals with lower back pain have received tremendous results in alleviating their pain by utilizing a reflexologist and reflexology. The ancient massage form of reflexology consists of the idea that different points in the feet correspond to the rest of the body. As a result, individuals suffering from lower back pain simply need to visit a reflexologist for a good dose of reflexology on the points in the feet that correspond with the lower back.

The recommended way to begin a reflexology treatment is to soak your feet in a hot salt bath for a while to help release toxins and relax the feet. Once feet are relaxed then the reflexologist can begin the reflexology treatment.

When it comes to reflexology and lower back pain you need to know where to begin and where the reflexology points are on the feet. For lower back pain the reflexology point is in the arch of the foot. You simply need to massage this area with your thumb in a circular motion for a few seconds. The base of your big toe corresponds to the upper back and the reflexology point for your middle back is below the ball of the foot. Reflexology will greatly reduce your back pain if used in the correct way.

However, a trained reflexologist is often the best choice than going it on your own. A reflexologist can pinpoint your pain, knows the rules of reflexology and how to ease your pain. If you have lower back pain, make an appointment with your reflexologist for a reflexology treatment and see if you can’t get rid of that back pain finally.

Feldenkrais therapists help with back pain

Feldenkrais is a back pain remedy that can help you reduce your lower back pain. In general, Feldenkrais is not considered a cure for any disease or illness nor is it considered a treatment. Basically, Feldenkrais therapy simply teaches individuals how to move better and take note of their new movements in order to reduce pain. This Feldenkrais therapy which includes teaching correct body movement considerably helps individuals with lower back pain recover from their pain and lead normal pain-free lives.

In general, a Feldenkrais therapist will teach you how to move properly. And, not only individuals with pain utilize Feldenkrais therapy. Dancers, football players, baseball players, and even singers use the Feldenkrais method to condition their bodies, give them better balance, and to receive an overall great conditioning for their bodies. Also, Feldenkrais therapy is frequently used to reduce chronic pain for individuals as well as those suffering from neuromuscular disorders.

Feldenkrais therapy has two different components, and either one may be used to gain results or else they can both be used together. One involves a Feldenkrais therapist helping the individual learn basic every day movements such as sitting, standing, lying in bed, and the ultimate effects of movement on the body. The other Feldenkrais therapy option simply uses non-aerobic movement to help the individual learn.

By taking part in Feldenkrais therapy you will learn how your body moves and which movements are most healthy and will help you eliminate your back pain.

A kinesiologist can help alleviate lower back pain

Kinesiology is an exelent back pain remedy, it focuses on each person’s individual body, health problems, and treatments that are specific to the individual. First, the kinesiologist will try and find a diagnosis for your lower back pain. Then they will prescribe different pain reducing treatments before proceeding to other treatments like therapeutic exercises and interventions to help reduce pain and allow the body to heal itself.

Kinesiology requires the kinesiologist to locate the individual’s pain in relation to bones, tendons, ligaments, nerves and discs. Then, the kinesiologist will determine if the pain is biomechanical, inflammatory, psychological, neoplastic, or infectious in nature. When this is determined the kinesiologist will have a diagnosis for the pain and then will be able to determine the best kinesiology treatment to reduce the lower back pain.

A naturopath can help reduce lower back pain.

A naturopath is a practitioner who crosses over from mainstream allopathic medical practice to naturopathic medicine. In general, the naturopath uses naturopathy to balance the body internally with natural elements. As a result, if you are suffering from lower back pain you might choose to visit a naturopath in order to see if naturopathy can ease your back pain. Generally, you will find that naturopathy can successful with easing lower back pain for several reasons.

A naturopath uses naturopathy to treat the entire body, to catalyze the body’s own healing power through eating a balanced diet, herbs, chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, exercise and a variety of other methods. As a result, naturopathy focuses not only on the site of the pain, but also the entire body to fight the pain and regain homeostasis and a normal body chemistry.

Since this type of medicine does not use drugs or major surgery to treat patient’s lower back pain you are not risking having any medicine side-effects. In the case that naturopathy does not work for you or you are not pleased with the results then you could always see a traditional doctor afterwards.

Back pain transdermal creams can ease your pain

When suffering from a back pain you will do almost anything at all to relieve the pain. However, back pain transdermal creams are a great way to get instant yet temporary relief of your back pain. Also, pain transdermal creams are available over the counter so at the onset of back pain you can apply back pain transdermal creams and start to feel a bit better. 

The best back pain transdermal creams are the ones that actually provide relief for the longest period of time. The majority of liniments promote either a feeling of heat or cold, or a mixture of both to help relieve back pain.

Bengay, Icy Hot, and other similar back pain liniments work really well to relieve back pain for a short period of time. However, over the counter liniments have their limitations and while they are great for short periods of pain relief they are not potent enough to go deep into the muscle and heal the affected area.

Individualized medicine offers unique treatments for pain that can enhance your current treatment plan, attack your pain from various angles and improve your quality of life.

Transdermal Pain Solutions

With a prescription from your physician, our pharmacists offer customized medication options – along with the ability to combine multiple medications and customize dosing – possibly making a significant difference in managing pain.

Lower back pain exists for a variety of reasons from stress to misalignment and injuries to mental illness. A yoga instructor teaches you how to strengthen and stretch your muscles with back pain yoga. Back pain yoga is like regular yoga it is just a type of yoga therapy that really concentrates on building muscles in the lower back and abdomen and stretching them accordingly in order to create a better support system and relieve pain.

Yoga can help reduce lower back pain

Yoga therapy, including back pain yoga, has been around for years. However, yoga did not enter the mainstream until the ‘70s at which point individuals from all walks of life realized how important yoga therapy was to their bodies, minds, and to relive pain. As a result, those with lower back pain began practicing back pain yoga and realized their pain was significantly less than usual.

The reason yoga therapy works for lower back pain is because it strengthens the back and abdominal which support the spine. As a result, when these muscles are stronger as a result of back pain yoga and yoga therapy the individual’s lower back pain will diminish significantly.

However, yoga therapy is something you must start and practice daily in order to really see the benefits because you must strengthen the muscles through a variety of body movements and positions. So, if you have lower back pain, consider starting yoga therapy at a gym and attending on a daily basis in order to strengthen your muscles.

Tai Chi is also good to help relieve back pain

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese art form that consists of 108 movements that are performed slowly and in a relaxed fashion over a period of time. When you perform Tai Chi you will relax your mind and body, so if you have lower back pain this is a great activity for you. A Tai Chi instructor will help you learn the myriad movements over a period of classes and then you will be able to practice Tai Chi and all the movements whether you are in class or alone.

The great benefit of Tai Chi is that it is a low impact exercise that can be performed by virtually anybody in any state of health. When practicing tai chi, if you have lower back pain, you will gradually increase your flexibility, the flow of energy in the body, and heal yourself while increasing immunity, mental health, balance, and many others.

Because of the many benefits of tai chi it is considered the perfect exercise by many. When you practice tai chi you will experience better health as a result of increased circulation, strength, flexibility, reduced tension and many others. Typically, individuals with lower back pain see a huge decrease in their pain rapidly by practicing tai chi. Also, those with headaches, arthritis, high blood pressure, among other illnesses experience a reduction in pain with tai chi.

Acupressure and back pain—how it can help you

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical treatment that involves inserting very fine needles into the body’s energy pathways to treat pain in various parts of the body.

Acupuncture can help lower back pain because the needles are placed into the energy pathways of the lower back, elbows, and even hands, depending on how the acupuncturist uses acupuncture to treat the pain. The acupuncture needles are placed into acupoints that lie below the skin in order to remove the energy blockage that results in pain. The pain is caused by a blockage of the energy pathways, but acupuncture opens these pathways once again to restore homeostasis in the patient. Many studies have been done involving acupuncture and its effect on lower back pain. All of the acupuncture studies show acupuncture to be the best way to reduce and handle lower back pain.

So, if you suffer from lower back pain consider making an appointment with an acupuncturist to experience acupuncture for the first time. You will likely be very pleased with the results of acupuncture and the reduction in pain and continue with your acupuncture treatment. You can find acupuncturists or individuals who practice acupuncture in your area online or in the yellow pages.

Another option that has proven beneficial to many back pain sufferers is acupressure. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese art and treatment that focuses on placing pressure on certain meridians in the body to allow the free flow of qi.

Individuals with back pain benefit from acupressure because there are meridians in the body that correspond to the lower back and when acupressure is used to stimulate these areas then lower back pain is reduced significantly. If you experience lower back pain and are interested in acupressure then a practitioner would work on the meridians of the bladder and gallbladder. These meridians will help reduce back pain.

You could try acupressure at home

Behind your knees are located the B54 acupressure points. Once directed by an Accupressurist to this point, simply press these pressure points in order to reduce your back pain. The easiest way to perform this type of acupressure is to lie down with your legs in the air and your knees slightly bent. Then, locate the crease of the knee with your fingers and place the fingertips in the middle of the crease. Maintain a steady pressure on the acupressure points while rocking your legs forward and backward, slowly, and breathing deeply for one minute. Then, when the minute is over gently place your feet back on the floor with knees bent and breathe regularly. When you are completely relaxed after your acupressure session simply get up and continue your day. You should complete this acupressure three times a day for optimal back pain relief.

Back Pain Supplements Can Help Reduce Back Pain

If you suffer from lower back pain you should consider taking back pain vitamins to help you reduce or even eliminate the pain. Many times lack of nutrition causes the body to degrade and simply not function as it is meant to function. However, when you take back pain vitamins you are giving your body what it needs to function properly and when your body starts processing the back pain vitamins your muscles and ligaments will have what they need to perform and you won’t feel as much pain. Of course, if there is an underlying medical condition that is causing your back pain, back pain vitamins will not cure this, but they will help your body heal itself or at least reduce the amount of pain you experience as a result.

There are many different types of back pain vitamins available over the counter at your local pharmacist. You simply need to read the labels and see which back pain vitamins will be best for you. However, keep in mind that some back pain vitamins will interfere with prescription drugs so it is important to talk with your doctor or pharmacist before beginning a regimen of back pain vitamins to ensure no problems arise as a result.

Suffering from back pain can be debilitating and lead to days out of work. However, taking back pain supplements might be just what you need to reduce your pain and live life on your schedule. There are many types of back pain supplements available so you will need to evaluate, with the assistance of your physician, which back pain supplements are right for you.

When to Use Back Pain Supplements

Back pain supplements will not prove very helpful for acute back pain, but bed rest will. On the other hand if you experience chronic back pain then back pain supplements will be very helpful in reducing your back pain. This is especially true if you use back pain supplements over a long period of time.

Basically, back pain supplements contain glucosamine and other bone and cartilage strengtheners that will work to build your cartilage, ligaments, and bones over the long run. This will make your frame stronger and when your body is stronger you will not experience the same element of pain. After you start taking back pain supplements you will experience significant pain relief and improvement within a week or so. However, during this one week period when you are taking back pain supplements yet still experiencing pain you should take over-the-counter pain medicines. But if the back pain supplements include white willow bark you should not combine aspirin with the back pain supplements.

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